Published Books

In September of 2014, Dr. Clement made his mark as a published author.

Legendary Teacher Stories – How to Catch a Swamp Frog

was an immediate hit across the education community. It was written as a tribute to educators everywhere, and most notably, some of the Legendary Teachers in his life that had a marked influence on him.

In September of 2015, he followed that up with

Legendary Leadership Lesson – The Reading Pig

A ‘must read’ for really anyone in any sort of leadership capacity.

And rounding out the ‘Legendary’ series, in spring of 2018, Dr. Clement published

Legendary Leadership Lessons – Raise the Bar & Then…

Again, another ‘must read’ for leaders of any sort.

All of these writings are in Dr. Clement’s very engaging ‘pull up a chair’ conversational style. The reader is invited into his book and his world if only for 100 pages!

For those of you paying attention, it is fair to question, “who is The Reading Pig?”. The Reading Pig is an actual true to life rubber pig that Dr. Clement once used as a prop to make a point while conducting a workshop some years ago.

Fast forward to February, 2016, Dr. Clement published…

The Reading Pig Goes to School

This was his first effort as a children’s author. This book is a mostly true to life recap of the day the “Dr. C’ served as the substitute for a second grade classroom. Suffice it to say that his hopes of using The Reading Pig as a distraction for the kids simply didn’t work out.

Following that up, Dr. C turned over the ‘pen’ to Master Librarian – Kandy Clinkingbeard. In the second title of this planned six book set,

The Reading Pig Goes to the Library

We are welcomed into the wondrous learning environment developed and managed by Kandy over the years.

Rounding out the series for now comes…

The Reading Pig Goes to the Desert

Look for this tale in October of 2018.

ALL of Dr. Clement’s work may be found on his Amazon author page.