The Adventure Begins…A Guide to Marketing Positive Images

This 1-2 hour presentation will help administrators, faculty, and staff develop strategies for discovering and promoting the unique factors of their schools.

The Magic Begins…Improving Customer Service

This 1-2 hour presentation will help support staff develop and implement strategies for improving their service to both internal and external customers. This product can be expanded to a workshop format which includes action planning and role playing.

This is Your Brain: This is Your Brain on School

This 1-2 hour presentation takes current brain research and helps schools and school districts become more brain fit.

On Becoming a Legendary Teacher…

During this 1-2 hour presentation, I attempt to illustrate the positive impact teachers have on the lives of students by relating personal stories centered on legendary teachers in my life. This seminar integrates effective teaching research with the stories and themes.

Customer Service Audits

A comprehensive objective review of all aspects of how an organization serves both internal and external customers. This service is customized to the specific needs of the school district.

Create the Vision…Inspire the Future

Dr. Clement will help facilitate the development or refinement of district/school strategic plan with a focus on measureable outcomes.

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